The Land Rovers Days Bridel 2002

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2002 the Luxembourg land rover importer held his yearly land rover days in Bridel near Luxembourg City, where over 1000 land rover drivers and supporters enjoyed driving all kind of Land rover types.

The Mess  tent and the huge sky-crane. Rising the Land Rover Flag. Critical supervision by Alain.

Testing the tracks. Or placed in front of the mess tent. Driving down the hill.

Instructions for the drivers by Hugo. Careful listeners. Luc waiting for the first customers.

Helpful hands for rising the flag. The car park. The test tracks on Saturday morning.
First see and than drive. Friedbert and his son! The mess tent at noon.
Guess who's car is that? View from the other site. The 110 Lara Croft Defender on the track.
Defender 90 of Hugo. Alain, Hugo and Gibbes. A visitor.
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Michel, on foot???? Another view.
The 110 Defender of Julien. Defender 90 of Uli. Strange equipment of Claude?
Pictures & Text : Roger