THE 4th international meeting in Schouweiler (L) 
15.-17. June 2001

The 4th International Land Rover Meeting organized by the Land Rover Club Luxembourg was held in Schouweiler (Luxembourg)  from Friday 15.06.01 to Sunday 17.06.01. More than 80 Land Rovers from Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom attended to the meeting and their owners and relatives had a good time along with a lot of friends and enthusiasts with their Series I, II, III's, Defenders, Discovery's, Range Rovers, 101 Forward Controls and Freelanders. Quite a lot of visitors (most of them in Land Rovers too) came to say hello, have a drink in the 'Landy Bar', enjoy the slide show about Australia, have a look at the show vehicles, ...  Here some pictures of the event.

No comment !! Ready for action !

The campsite.

Land Rovers, Land Rovers, L...
Big family !! A cat in a lightweight !!

The meeting is declared open ! Waiting for action ! Excellent joke !
Some impressions.  Our friend Bemtgen trying to fix that checker plate.
The Saturday morning briefing. Departure for the road-book.
Road-book ?? Or no road-book ?? No question !!

Off road in the French border region.

Who said 'No convoy' !?

Our cat and his owners passing some muddy ruts.

No problem for series vehicles ... ...  Defenders and FWC's
No meeting without coffee, ...             ... English breakfast (excellent :)) ...             ... and barbecue !!
On the Sunday through the north of Luxembourg. This time it was 100% on tarmac.
Passing the dam of the river S�re. Rain means slippery roads (at least for off-road tires).

                                     Meeting for the barbecue at noon.

Some last impressions of a very successful Land Rover Meeting. 

Thanks to all the participants, thanks to all the helpful hands and thanks for the support of:

Land Rover Luxembourg
L-2610 Luxembourg


L-9155 Grosbous

Malget Claude
L-9191 Welscheid

(no English breakfast
 without eggs !!)

The French
Land Rover magazine

Photos: YK & RR

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