THE 5th international  LR - meeting 
                                   in Schouweiler (L)
                                               21.-23. June 2002

The 5th International Land Rover Meeting organized by the Land Rover Club Luxembourg was held - together with the 5th European 101 Forward Control Meeting - in Schouweiler (Luxembourg)  from Friday 21.06.02 to Sunday 23.06.02. More than 100 Land Rovers from 8 nations (Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) attended to the Meeting 2002. 
Their owners and relatives had a great time along with a lot of friends and enthusiasts in Series I, II, III's, Defenders, Discovery's, Range Rovers, 101 Forward Controls and Freelanders. The
Saturday road-book took the participants into the Luxembourg-French border region for some off-roading. New this year was the integrated off-road site at Hombourg/Budange (also the playground of the 101 FWC's). The Sunday 'tourist' road-book (100% on tarmac) passed through some of the nicest landscapes of Luxembourg (Vall´┐Że de l'Eisch, Petite Suisse, ...). Quite a lot of visitors (most of them in Land Rovers too) came to say hello, have a drink in the 'Landy Bar', enjoy the slide show about Tunisia, have a look at the show vehicles, ...  
Here some pictures of the event.

The Meeting is declared open !! The camp site in Schouweiler Kids !!
Lining up the vehicles  Just arrived Already installed
... ... ...
Special job Special equipment Special driver

No comment !!
Having some visit On the Saturday road book !  Nice views ...
Narrow lanes ... Dusty tracks ... Full air condition ...
Open field landscapes ... ... Red and green !
Some impressions of the off-road site in Hombourg/Budange (F)

The 'Jeep' hole (no problem ;-) The 'Samurai' hole No comment !
A 101 in action Can somebody cut down that tree ? 4 wheel drive ?

No comment !!
It was a hard day ! Absolutely right !! Just relax !
The Sunday road book !  ... 100% on tarmac
The plateau near Greisch Near Fischbach In the 'Petite Suisse' area 

No comment !!

Thanks to all the participants, thanks to all the helpful hands and thanks for the support of:


Photos: Y.K. and S.G-T.

Updated  26.07.02