Trip to London

Trip to London


The LRO Show


23-29 August 2005


 Visiting Hyde Park& Kensington Palace
Eastnor Castle
Rainforest Café London 

 "Guy and Sandra in action"

Guards Parade in Windsor

Discovery from the Police Station in Windsor 
 Defender from theWindsor Castle Guards

LRO-Show the L.R.-Experience Team in Action

After visiting the Land Rover Gear Shop 
 The new Discovery 3 G4 Edition
Is this a Defender 140??  A Land Rover for all situation! 
 " Judge Dredd" in Malvern  Lara Croft visiting the LRO-Show
No comment 
 Our friends from the British Red Cross
The Series 2 Club  The Land Rover Fire Tender 
 Forward Control 101
and the 101 "Cow Edition"  Special Operation Vehicle 
The Land Rover Experience Center in Eastnor Castle   The new Range Rover Sport G4 Edition
 Our Land Rovers at the Experience Center
The last English Breakfast in Malvern  Waiting for the Ferry in Dover

Pictures & Text : Sandy and Romain Peters (10/2005)